For this week’s post I was feeling a bit sentimental, so I decided to tell you guys 6 of my most unforgettable memories. Some of them are good and some of them are bad,¬†but they were certainly unforgettable. I have so many of these memories, but these are some of the most monumental.

1. The first day of kindergarten.

My grandmother took me to my first day of kindergarten, and I don’t remember why my parents didn’t. ¬†Anyway, I remember her walking into Mrs. Kelly’s class at East Knox, and me being so scared of all of the other kids. In fact, I wouldn’t even let go of her hand. I kept pleading with her not to leave me there, but she insisted that she had to go. She took me over to some toys that I could play with in an effort to distract me from her leaving, and before she left she kissed me on the cheek. The rest of the day was filled with meeting new people and playing with all sorts of fascinating toys! One thing did seem odd to me, though. Every time I would introduce myself to one of the kids in my class, or play games with them, they were always giggling. I had no clue why until my parents picked me up that afternoon. It turns out that when my grandma kissed my cheek, she had left a lipstick stain on it, and it had been there all day long. Naturally, being 5, I was mortified. To this day I still ask my grandma if there is lipstick on my cheek after she kisses me.

2. The cat did it


The Infamous Whiskers and I

Ever since my family moved to Tennessee in 1996, we’ve had a cat in the house. Ever since I can remember, I have blamed him for everything that happened to go wrong in the house. There is one time in particular that stands out to me. I used to torment this poor kitty and chase him all over the house in an attempt to capture him so that I could dress him in my doll clothes and push him around in a baby stroller. Let’s face it, the cat was smart to run from me; he was terrified. One day he decided that he had had enough, and he led me on a pursuit throughout the entire house. He finally made it into the living room and darted under a chair right as I was leaning down to catch him. BAM! I hit my head right on the corner of the wooden arm of the chair. I thought nothing of it, gave up the chase, and went on my merry way. I was walking into the kitchen when my dad saw me. Much to my shock, his eyes got large and he scooped me up and asked what happened. I had no idea what he was talking about, so I looked him sternly in the face and said, “Whiskers did it.” He gave me a blank expression, and told me to go look in the mirror. I obliged and began skipping to my room. On the way, I felt something drip on to my nose and just shrugged it off. I grabbed my ballerina jewelry box to look in the mirror inside, and began crying. I was bleeding quite badly near the edge of my left eyebrow. I ran back to dad and told him it was the cat’s fault that I had ran into the edge of the chair. He cleaned up my face and laughed at me and said, “sure thing, bug.” Every time I see the scar below the outside edge of my left eyebrow, I’m reminded of that time that is was, once again, the cat’s fault.

3. 9-9-1999

My family had all packed into the car to go to Vanderbilt hospital because my mom had an appointment. It was going to be a long car trip, and I was really excited. My sister and I took turns asking if we were there yet from the back seat of the car (we were 6 and 9, give us a break). Everything was going really well on the trip, and I think my parents even let us listen to one of our Disney cassette tapes for part of the ride. It was pretty “magical” (pun). All of the sudden my dad pulled of the interstate and into the central grassy median. My mom immediately asked him what in the world he was thinking, but he wasn’t able to answer. Then, seconds after she had questioned him, we heard screeching breaks, breaking glass, screams, and crashes. I looked out the window and saw a car vertical on it’s front bumper, and quickly slam to the road. My mom screamed, and my sister started crying, so I did too. My mom’s passenger side window was cracked slightly and glass sprayed into our car. After the commotion, my father got out and ran from car to car trying to help anyone that he could. The rest of our time in Nashville was spent filling out witness reports. I will never forget that day.

4. Singing at my high school senior awards night

I had never sang in front of any crowd before, so debuting in front of ALL of my high school peers was absolutely terrifying. At least I would almost certainly get a judgment whether or not I was a decent singer. A friend and I had written a song to perform together specifically for our graduating class, so at least I wasn’t alone. We got up to the mics and I started to shake, I wanted to run away but it was much too late to back out now. My friend began playing his guitar and I immediately scanned the audience and caught a glimpse of my parents and grandparents. They were smiling at me, and in that moment, I knew I could do this. I sang my heart out, and at one point my friend forgot the lyrics, but we recovered like pros. When we finished, the crowd full of my classmates clapped and cheered for us. Later that night, I got so many compliments on my singing and the song and I was on cloud nine.

5. The summer before my freshman year at LMU

I remember getting my acceptance letter and housing assignment from LMU and getting so excited. I immediately began to plan my dorm design and color scheme. My summer was filled with decor shopping trips, buying new “college” clothes, and trying to figure my life out. I would constantly nag my mom about needing to go to Bed Bath and Beyond or Forever 21. I just never understood why she would tell me no. I was starting college. I was an adult and I was ready to be on my own. I quickly realized that was not the case when I had to pick out an alarm clock for the first time in my life. My mom had always come in to wake me up. How was I going to wake up to a beep? What had I gotten myself into?

6. Awards Night 2014

Classmates and me receiving the Biology Department scholarship

Classmates and me receiving the Biology Department scholarship

This is one of the most recent memories I have. It was a huge night for me. I actually wrote an entire blog post about it that can be found here. I got 3 new scholarships in just one night! I also loved being able to see all of my classmates’ hard work get paid off by the recognition/awards they received that night. I’m very blessed to attending a school like LMU, and I always look forward to making more wonderful memories here! I know all of that sounds really cheesy, but it’s true y’all, I really do love it here and have from day one.

I hope you enjoyed those memories from my life. Those are only a small percentage of the memories that I still remember like they were yesterday. Do you have any memories you will never forget? Let me know in the comments below! Please follow my blog, and I look forward to the next time I can tell you all about my ‘wild’life!!