Meet Caitlin

Hello to all current and future LMUers!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Caitlin Golding. I am from the small town of Rutledge, Tennessee. I graduated third in my class from Grainger High School. I’m completely obsessed with anything Disney (especially Lion King), coffee, shopping, and cats. Now, if I haven’t scared you away yet; let’s get to the good stuff.

I am about to begin my senior year at Lincoln Memorial University. I have loved it since day one. It’s like a huge family and a home away from home, all in the gorgeous Appalachian region of east Tennessee.

I have been at LMU for three years now and I am majoring in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology. Typically when I tell people my major, I get odd looks. Not only is it a unique major, it’s also a male dominated major. I absolutely love it, though.

Since I’ve been at LMU, I have had many amazing experiences. Unfortunately, my freshman year, I was far too shy to participate a lot. Luckily, ever since the beginning of my sophomore year, I’ve been much more involved. I am a Recruitment and Leadership Interactive Student (RAILS). That means I am an awesome tour guide and get to spend 6 hours a week talking about how awesome LMU is. I get to talk a lot. I like that. I also actively participate in the Wildlife Society chapter at LMU.

Long story short, I’m just crazy, cat-obsessed college student. Welcome to my life.



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