Social Media and LMU

Like many universities, LMU has several departments that, together, make the campus come alive. Essentially, all of these departments are the support beams of the school. Though all of the departments have equal importance, one unique aspect of the university is its social media. With the ever-growing popularity of social media, this department is also one of the fastest growing and dynamic. In fact, my blog is an example of one of the many social media outlets of the school. Some of our other other social media outlets include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr

Facebook is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular forms of social media in the world today. LMU utilizes this powerful tool to reach out to both its prospective and current students in a more personal way. It also allows for students to connect to one another more easily. In fact, when I was accepted to the university, I joined a group on Facebook of my graduating class and was able to connect with fellow upcoming freshmen, and I was even able to meet my soon-to-be roommates! LMU has an official Facebook page as well as several smaller, official groups for academic programs, graduating classes, campus clubs, athletic departments, and various university offices. These groups make communication between students and staff a breeze. For example, I am a part of the “LMU Buy, Sell, and Trade” group. Here, students post about any books, gadgets, or other awesome things we have for sale and discuss selling and trading them. I’m a member/editor of the Wildlife Society: LMU Chapter group, as well. Facebook really adds convenience to getting in touch with students on, and away, from campus!

LMU also uses Twitter, another easily recognizable and widespread social medium. Twitter allows the university to post real-time updates and event schedules for student convenience. Some of the university’s clubs and organizations have Twitter accounts they use to alert students of meetings, special events, and other opportunities to get involved. The fast-paced speed of Twitter allows students to “be in the know” whenever and wherever they may be.

In addition our Facebook and Twitter accounts, we also have a Flickr account. This social media network allows the school to post photos of campus happenings, athletic events, and general campus life. The photos are available for viewing by the general public as well, which allows for easy sharing with future students or family back home!

LMU has a YouTube channel, too. Here, the university posts a student series composed of interviews with current students with various majors and backgrounds. These videos allow prospective and future students a look into the life of a Railsplitter! This channel also occasionally posts messages from the university’s president, Dr. B. James Dawson, to the students.  These videos play in our student center on flat screen TVs, so while you’re waiting for your Starbucks, you can watch some of your faculty and your fellow students tell you what’s going on at school and in the area.

The newest, and perhaps most exciting social media network LMU uses, is called Merit. Merit is a software system that essentially gets both the school, and its students, more attention. As of summer of 2013, each student received his or her own individual Merit Page. The university began posting the students’ achievements they acquired throughout their time at the institution on their page. These Merit pages are also customizable by the student. In no time flat, students may change their profile picture, the activities they have participated in, any community service hours they have completed, and their work history. There is also a unique section the university uses to post the achievements you have received as a student such as scholarships and academic recognition (being placed on the Dean’s List).   These pages are a virtual resume, if you will. Future employers and post-graduate institutions are simply a click away from seeing all that you accomplished while here. These Merit Pages are an awesome way for students to get their names out there! I love this site, and its easy-to-use layout.  Here’s a link to my Merit Page!

The multitude of social media networks gives the students of LMU a more personal way to become involved with the university. Students are able to easily access important university information in the blink of an eye. The benefits of social media aren’t restricted to the school year, either. These social media outlets allow students and staff to stay in contact, even during the summer!

Social media allows for important university news, communication, and more to be posted and read anytime, anywhere. Today’s generation is very technology-oriented, and our school has adapted to that. It seems that every day a new iPhone, Android, or other Wi-Fi/data compatible device is hitting the shelves, and LMU is using this reality to help reach out to their students. For a complete list of our social media accounts feel free to CLICK ME!!

Being a student at a university that is so social media oriented really gives me a strong feeling of connection with my school. Personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being able to stay bonded with my alma mater whenever and where ever this life may take me! (And it’s a good reminder when I get distracted from homework by the internet…) 

Tell me how you use social media in the comments below! Be sure to follow my blogs to keep up to date on all things Caitlin!


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