Homecoming, Midterms, and Halloween….Oh my!

October is certainly the month of plenty at LMU. We have a lot going on during this month, and the campus really begins to buzz. The combination of Homecoming, midterm exams, and Halloween involves just about everyone on campus…and then some.


Homecoming is one of the most anticipated times of the semester. This occasion is more like a celebration of the University’s rich history, and abundant alumni. Throughout a span of one week, the main campus and extended sites host several events including: class reunions, campus addition dedications, luncheons, and awards ceremonies. These allow alumni to stay in touch with one another, reminisce on the past, and become involved with the University’s ever-changing future. The students are encouraged to engage in the festivities of Homecoming as well. In fact, the students participate in perhaps the most exciting part of the Homecoming celebration, the annual Homecoming parade. All organizations, clubs, and majors are invited to participate by designing a float in homage to their respective groups.

One of the most exciting parts of Homecoming for me is the beautiful change the campus undergoes leading up to, and during, the event. Homecoming just so happens to occur precisely as the leaves begin to change color. This, along with the fantastic fall-themed decorations placed throughout the campus, helps mark the change of the seasons, and makes for a breathtaking setting for the homecoming bash! 

LMU in Fall


Another event falling in the month of October is midterms week. Many LMU students have a love/hate relationship with this week. Although it can be stressful, the University provides students with many resources to help alleviate that stress. Some of these are: study sessions hosted by tutors, late night access to the LMU library, an on-campus stress counselor, and several fun activities throughout the week.

To conquer the stress of this week, I’ve created a midterm survival checklist. This has proven to be quite a useful tool, as it has helped me complete four midterms weeks at LMU with minimal stress.

  1. Time Management – This is an essential skill for college in general, but especially during exam weeks. I typically write out my midterm schedule as soon as I am given the dates of the exams.  I then plan out optimal study times the week prior, and dedicate portions of my day to studying. Trust me, you don’t want to go into an exam unprepared.

    Let’s not suffer the fate of Henry Bemis.

  2. Sleep – Sleep, sleep, and more SLEEP! Did I mention sleep? It is very tempting to cram the night before an exam, but sleep is essential. Regardless of how much you think those extra hours of studying could help you, it’s not worth being a zombie during an exam. Even more so, sleeping through a midterm is probably not a wise decision.

    This bear didn’t sleep before midterms. Don’t be like this bear.

  3. Cat Videos – This point could throw a lot of you off, but essentially it means to have fun. For me, cat videos, or any other funny videos for that matter, keep me from going insane. Having fun, and relaxation are just as crucial as studying during midterms week. If you don’t allot time for fun, the stress will quickly overwhelm you. For me, that fun is found in good old fashioned cat videos.

Keyboard Cat

Midterms week can be hectic, but with proper preparation, dedication, and determination, it’s a breeze.


Finally, there is Halloween – the holiday sparking corn mazes, haunted houses, haunted forests, and CANDY! There is so much to do on this holiday. Even if you don’t want to go off campus to get a good scare, LMU’s Gamma Lambda Sigma fraternity hosts a haunted forest on our campus in Democrat Hollow. The proceeds of this event are donated by the fraternity to Clairfield Elementary School in Kentucky. Our cafeteria even gets into the holiday spirit (pun intended), and hosts a Halloween-themed dinner, complete with spooky music, dark lights, Halloween decor, and candy galore.

Last year, I wanted to do something different for Halloween, so I volunteered at a local church for its annual Trunk-n-Treat. A bunch of my friends got together, dressed up in costumes, and worked as carnival-type game attendants. We had a blast, and so did the kids! It was so fun and rewarding to help both the church and the children of the community. In fact, my friends and I had so much fun last year that we plan on volunteering again this year. The only thing we’re unsure of is what to dress up as! I would love some suggestions from my lovely readers! 

Here is a picture of us at Trunk-n-Treat last year! (I was a cat)


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